Badgers have friends and those friends have votes!

LUSH have joined forces with Animal Aid and are launching a nationwide campaign against the badger cull from tomorrow. Customers can sign postcards in store that will be sent to Oliver Letwin, Minister for Government Policy to let him know that “Badgers have friends, and those friends have votes”. The campaign hopes to highlight the fact that voters will take the Government’s stance on the cull into consideration during local council elections on May 2nd.

Badgers are again under threat as the planned cull is set to get underway this summer in Somerset and Gloucestershire. This is despite huge public and scientific outcry about the ineffectiveness of culling versus that of humane alternatives. Wildlife experts say that it is impossible to know the how many badgers there are which makes it very difficult to measure the impact of the cull. Badgers are a protected species and many believe it unethical to cull them on mass.

Badgers have been linked with the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis amongst cattle, although many eminent scientists have said that cow to cow infection is still the key problem and therefore a cull is not the answer, they call instead for more humane means like vaccination and better testing of cattle.

The cull has also met opposition from MPs and the public; an official government E-poll with 150,000 signatures demanded a debate to be held in Parliament regarding the cull.  After a four-hour debate in October 2012, MPs voted 147 to 28 in favour of scrapping the cull completely, which unfortunately only led to it be being postponed.

Now is the time to make your voice heard by coming into store and signing a postcard, signing the e-petition and supporting local badger groups – helping to Stop The Cull for good.

For further reading have a look at:

Animal Aid

Farmers against the cull


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